10 Educational Winter Activities for Your Classroom

10 Educational Winter Activities for Your Classroom

Winter is coming, and with it, the excitement of hot cocoa and everything snow. With back-to-back breaks, celebrations, and in some places, snow days, it can be hard to find a balance between learning and fun in classrooms of every grade level. Not to mention the added challenge of finding time to prep your lessons, classroom, and self for the winter holidays. Simplify your life and lessons with these educational winter activities that can be used in many formats, including Easel by TPT.

Easel by TPT is the easiest way to deliver engaging, interactive lessons to your students. By using Easel’s digital resources, you can have wintry fun, save prep time, and engage students with interactive lessons — all at once. Explore these winter educational activities for your classroom to get ideas and resources you can use today.

10 Engaging, Educational Winter Activities for Rigor and Fun

Winter Math by Lanfaloe

Grades: PreK-1 | Subject: Math

Winter math activities cover sheet with clip art person and snowflakes

Give your math lessons a frosty makeover with this winter-themed math packet. Have your preschoolers, kindergarteners, or 1st grade students count snowmen, add and subtract with the help of winter objects, and practice skip counting with snowballs. 

Winter Speech Therapy | Photo Scenes | WH Question Visuals by Language Speech and Literacy

Grades: PreK-2 | Subjects: Special Education, Speech Therapy

Speech therapy winter activity on laptop

This easy-to-use, no-print speech therapy activity helps students practice expanding sentences. Including 20 winter-themed, colored scenes, this resource works for teaching pronouns, verbs, “wh” questions, basic concepts, and simple sentences. Compatible with any digital device, this winter activity is great for non-readers, teletherapy, mixed groups, and students with augmentative or alternative communication needs.

Hibernation Winter Animals Mini Book by Planning Garden

Grades: PreK-2 | Subject: Science

Winter science hibernation booklet with bear and wolf.

Add this fun winter activity to your science lesson plans and teach your preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade, or 2nd grade class about animals’ winter behavior. This educational winter craft can be used as a digital matching and coloring activity or a physical mini booklet to help your elementary students learn the scientific definitions of “hibernation,” “adaptation,” and “migration.”

Vamos a escribir en invierno – Winter Writing Center – Spanish & English by Hilda Escamilla

Grades: K-5 | Subjects: Spanish, Writing

Vamos a escribir en invierno - Spanish and English educational winter activity

Have your elementary students celebrate the winter season by drawing and writing out a story in Spanish or English. With different character and background templates to color and choose from, your students will have plenty of inspiration to get them going.

Common Core: Winter Themed Math & ELA Pack by 247 Teacher

Grades: 1-3 | Subjects: Math, English Language Arts

Math and ELA winter activities for classroom cover sheet with clipart winter bird.

Build your elementary students’ math and language skills with this comprehensive math and ELA packet full of fun yet rigorous winter activities. Closely aligned to Common Core State Standards, these activities can be assigned to students all at once or separately over the winter months — as print-outs or through Easel. Easel Activities allows you to add and delete pages, so that you can break up bigger resources into smaller assignments.

Winter Poetry Writing Worksheets | Acrostic Poems by Promoting Success

Grades: 4-6 | Subjects: Writing, Poetry

Winter sports poetry writing exercise for classroom

Get your 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students excited for winter fun by having them write poetry about all the winter sports they can do. Your students will explore and become champions at writing seven kinds of poems through this resource: acrostic, haiku, cinquain, shape, diamante, I wish, and limerick. 

Winter Science | Freezing And Melting Points Ice Experiment by Kimberly Scott Science

Grades: 4-6 | Subject: Science

Winter science experiment for dangling ice

Teach your students about one of winter’s defining elements: ice. This hands-on science project will help your students understand the states of matter. As they explore how water freezes into ice, how ice melts into water, and how salt affects the temperatures at which this happens, this winter science experiment will engage and guide your students through the scientific method.

Winter Evaluating Expressions with One Variable and Exponents Math Color by Code by Misty Miller

Grades: 6-7 | Subjects: Math, Algebra

Math winter activities educational for 5th to 7th graders.

Add some color to your algebra assignments with this fun mathematics winter activity for 5th, 6th, and 7th grade students. Students will solve problems involving one variable and some exponents and use the answers to color by the numbers. The result is a drawing of a snowboarder, perfect for the winter season.

Solving Systems of Equations by Tammie Akins Dickens

Grades: 8-10 | Subjects: Math, Algebra

How do you scare a snowman - fun winter activity for math

Math may feel like a riddle at times, but in this case, it actually is. As students solve these algebraic equations, they will match their answers to a letter on the key and then fill in the characters at the bottom according to the problem number. The result answers the burning question: How do you scare a snowman? The answer to this winter activity is sure to fill your classroom with giggles, laughs, and groans.

Winter Vocabulary Digital Presentation by Rike Neville

Grades: 10-12 | Subjects: Vocabulary, ESL / ELL / EFL

Winter vocab presentation for classroom

Help your students better understand the terminology surrounding winter with this digital presentation of 30 essential winter vocabulary words. Present these slides in class through Easel to make the lesson interactive with an easy-to-use pen tool and movable pieces. Or transform the presentation into an opportunity for 1:1 independent learning by asking students to underline aspects of the definitions or write sentences using the words.

With these fun winter activities, your students will be able to celebrate winter and continue learning in the classroom. 

Still need winter activities for your class? Find more interactive, winter-themed Easel resources on TPT.

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