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It’s here: The final stretch. Summer is just around the corner, and the finish line is so close you can probably almost taste it. While the last weeks of school are fast and furious, it’s also a time for you and your students to reflect on and celebrate all the wonderful things you’ve accomplished together. Here are 10 creative, out-of-the-box ideas from fellow teachers that are sure to make your graduations and end-of-year celebrations feel special.

Ideas to Celebrate the End of the School Year

Finish the school year strong — and with a dash of fun — with these memorable send-offs your students won’t forget.

1. Awards Ceremony

“I created a Google slides presentation with students’ pictures and achievements /awards, then used Screencastify to record it as a video with me reading the awards. Turned out great!” (@the_foxy_teacher) 

2. Digital Yearbook

 “I made a digital class yearbook/memory book, had each student share their favorite moments and did some silly GoNoodles to end it on a happy note! To create the digital yearbook, I used Google slides and put a few students on each page with their name, added collage pics of the year with graphics and had other teachers make short videos to say goodbye. I made it into a movie using a video editing program.” (@teachercakes84) 

3. Theme Days

“I like to make every day of the week special with Theme Day ideas — including Ice Cream Day, Camping Day, Circus Day, and more.” (@bricksandborder) 

4. Personalized Grade Cards

“Really personalize those end of year grade card comments. Talk about a special memory, a specific celebration, or what you are specifically proud of. Add a note of how they grew socially, academically, and what makes them amazing!” (@amysilverwrightkc) 

5. Printed Projects

“Print out one of their best projects and mail it to them with a note about how much you loved working with them this year.” (@brewdrawing121nvcc) 

6. Custom Art

“I made WooHoo posters for my 8th graders celebrating all of their strengths and what makes them amazing. I also wrote personal messages to each of them wishing them good luck in high school.” (@tamiestepbest) 

7. Send Postcards

“Send each of them a postcard with a personal note.” (@rosies_library) 

8. Scavenger Hunt and Games

“I’m doing a scavenger hunt and a ‘guess the baby’ (using baby pictures sent in by parents) for games and then close off with a video presentation of compiled pictures throughout the school year.” (@itsmsdelara) 

9. Personalized Farewells

“In my last class. . .I addressed each student individually and shared their strengths and gifts from my perspective. I wanted them to know that they were seen and loved by me!” (@davisaYES) 

10 Flowers (To Grow on Their Own)

“I mailed a letter to each [of my students] with a package of forget-me-not seeds. They are perennials and will be a happy reminder of time with family.” (@Sooz Svensson) 

If you’re looking for more ways to celebrate the end of the school year, find more ideas and ready-to-go resources on TpT.


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