10 Ways to Earn Extra Money as a Student in Sweden

How To Make Money Online In Sweden 2021 (Trending)

Students often do not get enough financial aid. The cost of living as a student in Sweden often overweighs the money at hand.

Available scholarships may also not cater to living expenses. These are some income ideas for a student living in Sweden;

  1. Get paid to do surveys or test products

The easiest way to make money that does not require having prior skills is to find survey jobs. It is also possible for companies that want their products to be tested by consumers especially software companies. 

These jobs pay in points and the more points you can accumulate the more money you can withdraw. 

The question you may probably be asking is where to find the jobs. While there are some online companies that act as intermediaries between the companies and people who wants to do the survey. 

You can  check out their reviews to find the most reliable One online from review independent review websites in Sweden like, OmdömesStälle.

Read some reviews about Toluna, one survey company that lets people conduct surveys and in turn, awards them points.

  1. Freelancing 

When are the way to earn extra money as a student that allows remote working is to sell your skills for money.

You can freelancers services online using  freelancing websites. Some skills that people are willing to pay money for and does not necessarily require a lot of stretch include;

  • Virtual assistant
  • Proofreading
  • Social media management
  •  Transcription
  • Translation
  • Writing
  • Web development and design 
  1. Evening work

The hardest part about freelancing jobs is the waiting period between job applications and when you first get a job. This is because of the large number of people seeking the same jobs. 

The next best thing to earning a living as a student is doing evening jobs. Some evening work ideas include; 

  • Babysitting
  • Driving
  • Bartending
  • Private dinner chef
  1. Food delivery

If you have access to a car or motorcycle it can be a good idea to get into the food delivery services.

The good thing about this job is that it is very flexible and you can it during your free hours or over the weekends and evenings. 

  1. Vlog or Blog 

Making videos with yet another great way to make extra money as a student. You can make videos sharing useful content and get paid.

The biggest video platform is YouTube. Tik-Tok creator funds are not yet in Sweden However, it has become the fastest way to grow a following which in turn may lead to sponsorships. 

Creating your blog is also a good option to make money. The good thing about blogging is that it is a passive income and after creation, you don’t have to put in any further effort.

Nonetheless, it will take time to take off. 

  1. Find jobs in school 

Many schools have programs that allow students to work and get paid in turn. Some of the jobs you can get within the school’s fraternity include; 

  • Research assistant
  • Event organizer
  • Admission assistant
  1. Tutor something

Many students want to up their grades by taking tutoring programs. You can create your tutoring plans and sell them or advertise them to find students to teach.

You can also sign up for tutoring services online as a tutor which would make it easier for you to find students.

Pick up a subject you are good at and perfect your skills in it. 

The easiest can be teaching language, teach English to Swedes or teach Swedish to foreigners.

  1. Flip and sale stuff

It is also a great idea to flip and sell things you no longer need or use. 

You can find items from black markets or garage sales that people are giving out for very low prices.

The best idea is to refurbish them and sell them online and ship them to your customers.

  1. Create a course 

I don’t know how many people are up for the idea of creating courses and selling them online. 

Creating and selling online courses has become a very easy way to make passive money. 

For instance, if you are a student of computer science you may perhaps create a four-course to teach people a certain aspect that is often very challenging. 

  1.  Rent things 

It is also possible to make money by renting out stuff you don’t need or use at the moment. 

Some things possible to put up for rent includes;

  • Vehicle
  • Extra room
  • Rent your room during the holiday
  • Equipment 
  • Bicycle on snowboard
  • Storage unit

Bottom line:

All the job ideas have listed above are examples of ways to make money to supplement the cost of living in Sweden but it may not provide enough income to pay off student fees. Tuition fees are better paid through scholarships or government loans.