5 Brand New Google Updates You Need to Know About


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Your favorite Google tool just got a little better! 

Since launching their new “smart canvas” last year, Google has changed the Doc game forever. Docs are no longer a static, straightforward space, but rather a dynamic and interactive canvas perfect for engaging students in the classroom! These new updates coming from GoogleEDU are meant to enable seamless collaboration and make work time more productive. Take a look at how the latest features added to Workspace can work for you in the classroom!

1. Create a Drop Down Menu

Watch to learn ways you can use the new dropdown menu feature to create interactivity for your students and make grading easier for you!


2. Emoji Reactions 😀😍🤯😎

In addition to comments, your students can now add emoji reactions to their collaborative Doc. Great for adding student voice and self-expression!


3. Pageless Pages

Enlarge your workspace with this new feature. You can scroll left and right to open up infinite space! No more useless page breaks and unnecessary margins.


4. Watermarks

Customize your documents with an image or text in the background. The watermark will repeat behind the text on every page of your document.


5. Email right from Docs

Google has made it easier to collaborate and elaborate on an email. Start with a shared Google Doc. Add text, images, and format to your liking. Then click the “magic” email icon to preview and send your draft!

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