5 Outfit Ideas To Try For Your Online Classes

There’s no doubt that the pandemic has dramatically changed the way students study and learn. Virtual learning introduced everyone to a different type of normalcy. Even when the world is starting to get back to the old normal, some universities and schools decided to carry on with the online mode of learning as a flexible option.  

Students and parents can be more at ease knowing that there’s another way to continue learning without going outside, with COVID-19 still very much present everywhere. You have the chance to go on with your studies while staying at home, but of course, with the help of technology. However, that doesn’t mean you can forget proper etiquette and basic guidelines while attending your classes.  

What To Wear For Your Online Classes 

How you dress, for example, isn’t something you should easily take for granted. You may not be required to wear school uniforms during virtual meetings, but you still need to be mindful of how you present yourself in front of the class. Thankfully, there are plenty of stylish outfit options to choose from that’ll make you look and feel like a relaxed but serious student despite the unusual setup. 

If you need outfit ideas for your online classes, look no further. Below are some suggestions you can try: 

  1. Custom Statement Shirts 

It’s not every day that you feel like dressing up or wearing something formal for your classes, and that’s okay. Statement tees can be an acceptable outfit, as long as the design or print isn’t vulgar, offensive, or too graphic. Remember that you’re attending a class and not going to a concert with your friends. 

You can customize your shirt or create your own design if you want. Maybe you have a knack for art that you want to turn into something wearable. There are also ready-made designs for personalized shirts online. You can click for more here if you’re looking for inspiration or design ideas you want for your statement shirt. 

Outfit Ideas
  1. Hoodies 

If you’re a college student, you can relate to how convenient and comfy hoodies are for everyday wear. What’s more, this clothing piece can also elevate your aesthetics and make you look like you’re so stylishly ready for a new day. Hoodies are often the go-to outfit when you need something you can readily match with shorts, leggings, or sweatpants. 

Just be sure to pick one made of stretchy fabric so you can be all cozy and comfy while attending your virtual courses. You wouldn’t want to sit in front of your computer for hours feeling irritated or uneasy because the tight material won’t let you switch positions when you want to. 

  1. Collared Tops 

Casual and comfy outfits are a must-have for online classes, but you also need to prepare collared tops for when you have a presentation, and you’re expected to look more presentable than usual. Even when you won’t be speaking in front of the class, dressing up can sometimes do the trick if you want to get into the ‘I-am-ready-to-learn’ vibe. 

If you’re sitting for most of your presentation, it’s okay not to worry about what to pair with the top. But if you think you might stand up or move away from the camera at some point, it’s better to err on the side of caution and wear a bottom piece that’s equally presentable to complete your look. 

  1. Blazers Or Coats With Inner Tops 

It’s a different story if you’re attending online classes for your master’s or doctorate. Of course, you need to be careful and conscious of what you wear. Keep in mind that you’ll most likely be meeting with professionals and other highly educated people. It’s only fitting to wear an outfit that would help you create a polished look well-suited for an academic atmosphere. 

Blazers are customizable, and you may select one that fits your body type for a more refined ensemble. To suit your unique style, pair your professional jackets with more relaxed pieces like crop tops, and you’ll be able to stay comfortable in class for hours. 

  1. Accessories To Complement Your Look 

You might think that you’re only attending online classes, and there’s no need to fuss over your look or outfit for the day. For some, though, dressing up for their respective courses is their way of motivating themselves. If you look at it from this particular angle, you could find a new perspective that can change how you perceive virtual learning. 

Apart from taking the time to curate your outfits, you can also consider preparing accessories that will look good on your ensembles. You can choose a signature piece that can elevate your style, such as statement earrings, a scarf, or a necklace that won’t clash with the color and style of your top. Just be careful not to pick accessories that might distract other students.  

Final Words 

With the many changes happening worldwide because of the pandemic, it won’t hurt to think of little ways to help you adapt and focus on your studies despite the challenges. As a student, attending your online classes on time and with enthusiasm can make a difference.  

When showing up for class, make sure you dress well to be more confident and energetic for hours. You can take note of the tips and outfit ideas above if you’re running out of new ensembles to try.

Valentina is a Primary School teacher in Miami, Florida. She is an advocate for literacy and hands-on teaching. She enjoys creating arts & crafts projects with her students, setting up theatrical plays, and utilising innovative teaching resources.

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