5 Reasons You Need Domain Privacy Protection

10 Reasons Why Need Domain Privacy Protection in 2021| Arnhost

Are you aware of the WHOIS database? Do you know that it contains information about all domain names registered in the world along with details about the owners of the domain, the contact person, and the contact information like the email address, phone number, etc.? 

While the purpose of creating this database was to ensure the integrity of the domain name system, recently, there has been a growing concern regarding the misuse of the information available easily to miscreants.

To prevent this, many domain registrars offer privacy protection services that allow you to hide your personal information online. Instead, your information is replaced by the information of the domain registrar or a third-party provider that helps shield it. 

Hence, when you decide to purchase website domain names and start looking for an NZ domain hosting provider, ensure that the features include domain privacy protection to get this service. If you need this protection, here are five reasons that might make you reconsider.

01: Protects your personal information

When registering a domain, the registrar asks for your name and contact details and records them in the WHOIS database. Since this database is accessible to anyone, your contact details are available to the public too. Hence, a cyber miscreant can quickly gain access to and misuse this information.

When you opt for domain privacy protection, your information is hidden from the public by replacing it with the information of the registrar or a third-party provider.

02: No unwanted contact

Since your contact information is not recorded against your domain name, anyone looking for the domain owner’s contact details will be directed to the domain name registrar or a third-party service. This can help keep unwanted contacts away, like spammers, telemarketers, etc.

03: Protects from identity theft

Criminals intending to steal your identity can use the information available on the WHOIS database and carry out phishing attacks by impersonating you. While this is a crime, and you can take legal recourse, it can irreparably tarnish your brand’s reputation.

04: Looks professional

If you have an individual website and the WHOIS database carries your name and contact information, it makes sense since it is your website. However, for businesses, if the contact information is kept private, then most people consider it to be more professional.

05: Your competition can know a lot about you

If your personal information is easily accessible online, your competition can stalk you and know who you are and where you are, along with your likes and dislikes. This gives them additional insights into you and your business. 

If you are a small business, this information leaked to your competitors can harm your business. By protecting your content, you can prevent them from gaining this unnecessary advantage.

Summing Up

Remember, ensuring the privacy of your personal information is essential in today’s times with rising instances of fraud and identity theft. It also creates a positive image of your business and your brand. 

When you buy a domain name, you can choose the optional domain privacy protection service from the registrar or a third-party service provider. If you plan to buy NZ domain names, check with the registrar if it offers domain privacy protection.

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