5 Ways Teachers Have Gone Above and Beyond This Year


Three months into 2022, classroom life has not slowed down for our teachers or students. Despite another challenging year, DonorsChoose educators are still caring for their kids and bringing excitement into their classrooms. Check out some of the ways that teachers are going above and beyond!

Beyond the Books

Many teachers love to take their classroom lessons beyond the books. They know that when students enjoy and are active during the lessons, the knowledge stays with them. To bring learning to life for her students, Mrs. Hunt built a new world: Huntsville Hospital! With stations to practice reading and math skills, all the kiddos enjoyed a positive diagnosis!

Mr. Hart took a different approach and chose to let his students do the building! While his “construction students” went over the length and metric units, he acted as foreman.

Beyond the Classroom

DonorsChoose teachers are known for taking care of their students, even beyond the classroom. Over the last couple of years, they have seen firsthand how the pandemic has affected families and have stepped up to help. 

While food shortages have affected many communities, teachers used DonorsChoose to ensure their students had the snacks and meals they needed. Here, you can see the smiling faces celebrating the snacks that Ms. Auter organized for her students through DonorsChoose.

Mrs. Byrd didn’t let Texas winter storms stop her students from learning. Instead, she created a project for winter gear to keep her students warm!

Beyond the Student

Teachers can see things the average person can’t: they see the faces and lives of their students coupled with their potential to change the world. 

To encourage her students to see their own potential, Ms. Miller makes sure to celebrate Black History Month with books about people from their culture and community excelling. Since students are so different, there’s no one resource that comes in a fits-all size. By filling her classroom with books featuring diverse characters, Ms. Miller is ensuring all her students feel seen and special.

Through rain, snow, and pandemics, we will always find teachers going the extra mile for their students. What are you loving about the projects you are seeing on DonorsChoose?

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