8 Fruitful Ways to Spend Your Holiday as a Student


Can you feel the school holidays? We definitely do! You must be very excited to savour your free time at the year-end holidays. Besides completing your holiday homework, if any, here are some ways to be productive during the school holidays with some self-improvement and learning habits you can adopt.

1. Look back on the school year 

In the past school year, you would have mastered some habits or practices that helped you survive the recent semester. During this holiday break, reflect on things and ask yourself these questions: What made the past school year fun for me? What were the things that made this school year difficult? What were some studying techniques that I applied which helped me understand the subjects better?

After you have your answers, identify which good practices you can carry over to the next semester to help you become a more effective learner once again.

2. Learn from documentaries

Binge-watching videos could be something you do during your school break. Instead of watching random videos, strive to be more intentional and aim to learn from what you are watching.

There are so many inspirational stories of notable entrepreneurs and other individuals like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Mark Cuban, Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, Howard Schultz, Andrew Carnegie, Bill Gates, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin. You can watch documentaries made about these successful personalities.

You can also learn a lot from stories of big brands that compete with one another such as Coke vs. Pepsi, Apple vs. IBM, Uber vs. Grab, and Nike vs. Adidas.

Pick a topic that you are interested in to learn from what you watch. It can be anything from your hobby to a sport, or any other topic of your choice, as long as you watch it consistently and learn enough that you can talk about or practise.

3. Get a part-time job

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Having a part-time job during the school break can be as simple as working for your relatives or family friends who have their own business or are willing to pay you for services that they need. From washing cars or company vehicles, organising furniture or household objects, or walking dogs or babysitting, working while on school holidays gives you a sense of independence with some flexibility to do other fun things you want to do.

4. Be more active

During the school holidays, you cannot be using school work as an excuse not to join your friends to a game of basketball or a bike ride in the nearby park.

You have worked your brains so hard during the whole semester. Now it is time to work out the other muscles in your body. Get some more exposure to sunlight early in the morning as well. Sunlight is the most important natural source of Vitamin D.

5. Declutter your room

Decluttering helps you think clearly Photo by Sanni Sahil from Pexels

Utilise your free time to declutter your room and give it a fresh look. Throw out anything that you will not be using anymore. Give your room more “white space” so that you can redecorate and personalise it again in the next school year. Check out some quick tips on our TikTok for how to have an efficient desk setup.

6. Practise Digital Detox

Practising digital detox means lessening your exposure to different screens and mobile devices. The benefits of engaging in digital detox are aplenty, including reducing stress and improving sleeping habits.

A digital detox need not be done for a long period of time. In fact, you can just practise this during the first hour of each day. Instead of catching up with all those notifications while you are on your school holidays, why not enjoy your breakfast with your family in a leisurely manner? That is something that you hardly get to do during the school year.

7. Read a book and stick with a schedule

The school holiday is when you get to read what you like to read! Go ahead to read something that you are interested in. Go to the library to pick up your favourite books or fiction or non-fiction that interest you. You can also buy a book that you find interesting and make it a point to finish reading it before the school year comes by.

Stick to a ‘reading hour’ to help you focus on just reading that book. You can do it during your digital detox hour, or just an hour at night every night.

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8. Establish a routine

Despite having much free time during the school holidays, it is key to establish a routine to help you plan and anticipate the day. Just like in school, having a schedule helps you manage your time wisely.

Find a routine that lets you enjoy your day without getting bored. This will help you feel accomplished.

Learning Does Not Stop

Even during school breaks, learning does not stop. The secret of getting ahead is to do the things others are not willing to do.

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