8 New Courses Just in Time for Summer!


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As we approach summer, our Curriculum and Instruction team is proud and excited to share our latest menu of new courses! From the Science of Reading to Health Education, we’re adding even more variety to our already diverse catalog. Check out the previews below!  


Course 5215: Future-Ready Fluencies for 21st Century Learners

We look to 6 skills, or “fluencies,” to help students grow in proficiency as they see and interact with the world: Solution, Collaboration, Information, Communication, Creativity, and Global Citizenship. Use the Fluencies to keep learning relevant, applicable, engaging and future focused.  


Course 5221: STEM is the Future for All Students

STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) instruction works with real world problems in mind, while engaging in partnerships with colleagues, local community, and the world. Upon completion of the course, you’ll have ready-to-go lessons and well-rounded knowledge about the importance of STEM now, and in the future.  


Course 5222: Math Fluency Beyond the Basic Facts

Challenge the traditional narrative of fluency, expanding your understanding to include flexibility with numbers, strategy selection, reasoning, and creativity. With a robust collection of strategies, games, and activities, this course will give you tools to build a strong foundation of fluency, and empower confident mathematical thinkers.  


Course 5224: Health Education for Students’ Lifelong Wellness

We’ve created this course for all educators who teach health–whether you’re an early childhood educator, a classroom generalist, a dedicated Health and/or Physical Education teacher, or a school nurse – with pathways to suit every educator! Through the exploration of health and wellness resources, you’ll discover ways to collaborate, advocate, and build students’ motivation to pursue healthy habits.   


Course 5227: Shifting Your Focus to the Science of Reading

Dive into the Science of Reading to unlock the alphabetic code that enables students to read with greater confidence and less struggle. You’ll learn to apply high-leverage practices to support oral language development, phonemic awareness, phonics, and word-solving skills– all key components for comprehension.  


Course 5228: Financial Fitness for Educators 

From making ends meet on a new teacher salary to saving for retirement, you will learn the steps you can take to achieve financial wellness. Learn to build a rainy-day fund, plot purposeful spending, and appreciate how investing in yourself brings financial freedom.  


Course 5229: Mental Health Advocacy and Allyship for Students of Color 

In partnership with IndieFlix 

Learn to be an ally and advocate for students and colleagues of color in this transformative course based on the IndieFlix documentary film, Race to Be Human. Understand the toll racism takes on the mental health of students of color by exploring resources to audit your classroom for equity and ensure students of color have successful school experiences, as they manage mental health challenges caused by racism.  


Course 5230: School Nursing Practices for the 21st Century 

School nurses coordinate wellness for students, staff, and the community. Explore challenges and opportunities in 21st Century school nursing through the impact of coordinated school healthcare, school nursing principles, and your own experiences as a school nurse, and apply your learning to current topics in the field.  

We look forward to seeing you on our rosters, and hearing about the positive impacts of these courses on your professional practice! 


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