AECC Global launches course search platform

The AECC Course Search is described as “student first” and “career outcome focused”, and is powered by machine learning. The database is already helping students find the right course via its “rich course and university selection features”, the company noted.

“We are incredibly excited to be able to make searching courses easier and faster for our students,” said AECC Global chief operating officer Daryl Fong.

“Students are very career oriented these days and we have built a platform to better support them on their journey to study abroad,” he said.

“We are continuing to heavily invest in technology as we are emerging from the Covid-19 pandemic.”

“Our Digital Innovation Hub is a critical element enabling us to build amazing technology for students faster”

The platform features tens of thousands of courses from AECC university partners in key destination markets including Australia, UK, Canada, US, New Zealand and Ireland.

Courses are also linked to more than 650 career outcomes searches, and the platform also features course and university comparison tools as well as an area dedicated to scholarship opportunities.

At the beginning of 2020, AECC opened its Digital Innovation Hub in Chennai, India, with a team of 70+ members developing new technologies to improve the international student experience.

“We have millions of visits on our existing AECC websites each year and we think that numbers will continue to grow into the tens of millions in the coming year or so thanks to our new platforms,” Jake Foster, chief commercial officer at AECC Global, added.

“Our Digital Innovation Hub is a critical element enabling us to build amazing technology for students faster which is a bonus!

“It is great to see so much investment into technology in our industry right now, ultimately that is a good thing for students and for our university partners,” he noted.

The recruitment agency has also begun its first operations in Nigeria in September, as it enters the African market for the first time.

In the next 24 months, AECC intends to open 15 new offices on continent along with locations in China and South America, as it continues to support students via its virtual education consulting platforms.

Since 2008, AECC Global has grown its team to over 500 team members throughout 37 offices in 13 countries.

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