Agent portal boosting digital recruitment says GUS

The GUS Gateway is designed to equip partners to recruit from anywhere with total pipeline oversight and live status alerts to 12 of its institutions, the organisation explained.

“We introduced GUS Gateway as a rocket ship designed to launch our partner network into the future of student recruitment, the arrival of which Covid-19 only hastened,” said Kayla Briel, associate director Business & Innovation at GUS.

“We believe we have the most dedicated, engaged, driven partner network on the planet, and the world’s best consultants should be easily accessible to applicants from anywhere.”

The portal – featuring document validity and quality checks, Live Chat functions and unlimited access to GUS Academy skills training – allows partners to create, track, manage, and report on their GUS pipeline on the go, she continued.

“GUS Gateway is opening the world to our partners, equipping them to service applicants from anywhere, anytime”

“It’s our responsibility as GUS to invest in ensuring those who have helped us grow to where we are, are afforded with the competitive advantage to keep growing as our industry digitises. Digital student recruitment with GUS Gateway is opening the world to our partners, equipping them to service applicants from anywhere, anytime.”

The platform aims to empower agents by unifying, systemising and ultimately speeding up the application process so that many agents receive an offer letter same-day offer.

Users have unlimited access to GUS Academy skills training to learn key business strategies for digital student recruitment from GUS experts. Photo: GUS

“Empowering our GUS Global Partners with both the skills and the tools to succeed in digitally transforming their student recruitment businesses, GUS Gateway is amplifying impact and accelerating pipelines globally; connecting agents and students to opportunity and building the classrooms, communities, and leaders of the future.”

It currently has some 5,000 active users and over 90% of agent applications for GUS Gateway schools are coming via the portal.

“With GUS Gateway here, we have created the nexus of our partnership network and are now more closely connected to our partners than ever before,” Briel added.

“Our plan is to disrupt student recruitment to empower agents and international students to lead the world.”




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