AIFS Abroad announces new leadership and strategic plan

Emily Merson, co-founder and current CEO of Global Experiences, will succeed Paul Watson as the new executive director of AIFS Abroad, effective January 2021.

“We are very excited about the considerable energy and creativity that Emily will bring”

“I would like to thank Paul for his leadership during our period of unprecedented growth,” stated William L. Gertz, chairman and CEO of AIFS.

“We are very excited about the considerable energy and creativity that Emily will bring and excited for the enhancements to our already successful international education programs.

“From opening new education centres around the world to offering virtual internships and new online opportunities, AIFS will be at the forefront of study abroad program expansion post-pandemic as we have been for nearly six decades.”

AIFS Abroad (formerly AIFS Study Abroad) will bring together the traditional AIFS Study Abroad programs, AIFS Customised Faculty-Led programs and Global Experiences International Internship program under one umbrella.

Earlier this year, AIFS Abroad formally partnered with Fairfield University in Connecticut as its new school of record, offering new opportunities for innovative programing including the creation of Global Education Centres in locations such as London.

The organisation said the goals of AIFS Abroad will include “unparalleled support for university partners” along with “dynamic and innovative program delivery”, both virtually and abroad.

Merson will bring several initiatives with her to AIFS Abroad, including the ongoing Global Experiences Green Initiative, created to offset the environmental impact of international education and strive for a carbon-neutral program by 2025.

Global Experiences, founded in 2001, provides college and university students with career-enhancing international internship programs in Australia, Europe, Asia, Latin America, the US and virtually.

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