AIRC and TABS announced partnership

As part of the agreement, TABS and AIRC will share expertise, develop boarding school resources and create opportunities for AIRC members and the approximate 225 TABS member schools to connect and collaborate.

“Together, AIRC and TABS will help to ensure quality in students’ experiences with educational agencies”

Additionally, TABS will recognise AIRC as its exclusive worldwide partner for educational agency certification and TABS member boarding schools will benefit from AIRC’s network of certified educational recruitment agencies.

“International students are integral to forming diverse and cosmopolitan communities of learning, and educational agencies play an increasingly important role in connecting families around the globe with schools,” said Pete Upham, executive director of TABS.

“We are delighted to partner with AIRC — the foremost organisation for the certification of ethical, well qualified agencies — to foster transparent and productive relationships among our respective memberships.”

Together, the two organisations will also benefit from expanded resources and programs that support best practices for international enrolment management and enhance institutional guidelines.

TABS will act as AIRC’s exclusive worldwide partner for independent secondary schools. The alliance will help students and families to discover and pursue the advantages of a boarding school education, the partners added.

“This agreement reflects a shared commitment to the ideals of international education and the expansion of global learning opportunities for students,”  said AIRC executive director, Brian Whalen.

“Together, AIRC and TABS will help to ensure quality in students’ experiences with educational agencies, and deliver value for the institutions that we serve.”

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