ApplyBoard launches Canada Insights Dashboard tool

ApplyBoard’s Insights Dashboard – part of AB Solutions – will help Canada’s higher education institutions drive diversity within their student cohorts by leveraging “customised data visualisations” of government and industry data.

It comes “at a timely moment” when Canadian universities and colleges are expecting a double cohort effect from international students who are eager to study abroad, according to ApplyBoard CMO and co-founder Meti Basiri.

“The Insights Dashboard was designed to keep schools at the forefront of the latest data in the international student space,” he said, adding that the product provides Canadian institutions with “something every organisation wants: actionable knowledge”.

“It’s our priority to help inform our school partners of the latest trends”

“It’s our priority to help inform our school partners of the latest trends, but also take it one step further to contextualise industry and government data into key takeaways and insights,” he added.

The company said it is crucial for Canadian institutions to continue attracting and retaining new global talent. Using the latest study abroad data and emerging student market trends is key, it indicated.

The product will also show schools how their recruitment efforts are performing using benchmarking against peers in their province as well as countrywide.

AB Solutions is currently only available for Canadian institutions, but ApplyBoard hopes to expand to other countries in the future.

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