ASNE marks 10 years anniversary of capacity building

Rolls out 16 master-classes for capacity building amid COVID-19 crisis

ASNE marks 10 years anniversary of capacity building

By Gabriel Ewepu – Abuja

A capacity-building firm, Annual School Needs Expo, ASNE, marked 10 years anniversary, Monday, of adding value to the lives of thousands of people with capacity building.

This was made known by the Convener, ASNE, Emem Opashi while speaking on the essence of the uniqueness of the 2020 edition of the event as it coincides with ASNE’s 10 years existence despite odds.

According to Opashi the 2020 edition is with the theme, ‘Story of Hope’ and it is going to be a week-long event in Abuja, hosting thousands of educators, parents, and companies via virtual platform due to raging COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown.

She said: “This year 2020, we are celebrating our 10th anniversary of hosting this event that connects educators and businesses consistently.

“Now our visional plan, of course, was to have a physical event from May 25th to 30th, we are going to have a weeklong event in the city of Abuja hosting thousands of educators, parents, and companies, then the COVID-19 pandemic struck and there is a lockdown.

“And what came to our mind after many weeks source having a pretty party was we can still do this, we can make this work, encourage our partners, businesses, and educators out there. So we decided to come together and put together the concept of the virtual learning festival.

“And so we followed the exact date we planned before the physical event and we have put a week-long event where we gather something for everyone which we are so excited about.

“Our theme this year if we are giving it a theme we call it ‘Story of Hope’. We have come a long way. We started was at an uncompleted building at that time and we still had a good turnout of educators that came from far and wide, and they have grown, learned, fallen, and made mistakes and keep growing. We are thinking this will be more evident when in this 10th year when many had lost hope.

“So this is ASNE 2020 is our 10th anniversary so we decided that we have two options; think, give up or keep fighting and do something about it and carry as many people we can while we are doing that so we chose the latter.

“We decided to make it work, make some noise, celebrate our businesses and partners, encourage the schools who have gone through so much especially at this time and bring together as many like-minds as we can.”

Meanwhile, according to her 2020 Virtual Festival is offering 16 different master-classes cutting across different aspects of human endeavours that will reduce the impact of COVID-19.

“We are excited to see all our partners, the businesses who are joining and giving us a few master-classes. This event is offering 16 different master-classes for different aspects of education, financial management, cyber-security, we have mind-mapping, creative thinking, a session on health, session for administrators, for school leaders, consultants, there is also for the first time a full day dedicated to undergraduates and secondary school students where they are going to be leading and taking over our social media handles, then hosting an online visual session for our young people from all over the world.

“We have speakers from now about five different continents apart from being in Nigeria. So that is one benefit and one great part of the virtual event. People who would not be able to fly into Abuja, Nigeria, speaking at this event and they are donating their time, resources to give sessions for free.

“So as we said there is something for everyone. If you go through our link click on it, you can get direct access to register for any of our training for the training sessions or the master-classes throughout the week. We look forward to you joining us in this celebration of hope and thank you for all of you who have been with us all these years”, she added.


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