At LASU virtual public lecture, experts say 5G Spectrum will enhance life

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By Adesina Wahab

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RATHER than constituting a danger to human existence, the introduction of 5G Spectrum will enhance life and make communication among other things better and easier.

This was the consensus of experts during the fifth Lagos State University, LASU, Virtual Public Lecture held recently.

The public lecture was titled” 5G Communication Network and COVID-19 Pandemic, the Myths and the realties.”

Speaking on one of the four sub-topics “Understanding the technical framework of the 5G network,” the Head of Computer Science Department, Faculty of Science, Lagos State University, Dr. Toyin Enikuomehin, went down memory lane on how technolgy evolved from 1G to 4G and now, 5G.

He stated emphatically that the latest technolgy would define better ways of communication, calls, video and audio, including messages in real time. He added that all these communication services would be faster than the previous ones with the speed 5G brings. “5G brings three things with it, connectivity, latency and speed. Communication will be so fast, than imagined. New devices, software, applications will all come along with 5G. It will definitely aid the way we do things.”

Speaking further, he said that 5G would enhance cyber security, transform the ecosystem, including the virtual platform and would change the way we do things. Making his contribution to the discussion, the Director, Radiation Monitoring and Protection Services, LASU, Prof. Fatai  Balogun, talked on” The place of 5G in Electromagnetic Spectrum.”

The Director averred that the 5G radiation transmission would not in any way cause harm or be harmful to human system or their health. He ended by saying that communication firms end users should expect seamless connection and fast moving level of communication with concise speed from 5G network.

The Founder, Technolgy Times Limited, Mr Shina Badaru talked on ” 5G Communication: The next step in human technological advancement.”.

He exuded confidence that when 5G finally berths in Nigeria, it would bring about extra connection and better communication services.

He assured that with 5G network, communication packages such as messages, video, audio and more would be faster, clearer and cleaner.

He noted that with 5G, the act of communication will be  precise, reliable and efficient.

He was confident that the end users would be better for it,getting the desired values that come with it.

The last speaker, Prof. Idowu Farai focused on “Communication network and human health: An overview.”

The professor of Radiation and Health Physics noted that all networks operate through oscillating electromagnetic waves, while frequency determines energy.

Prof. Farai informed that the 5G is a natural revolution in communication.

“The manufacturers will not intentionally throw harmful product into the market. National and international organisations like World Health Organisation(WHO) act as watchdogs, especially for the end users. What is known, the radiation at this level, will not harm human beings”,he wrapped up his conversation.

On a final note, the moderator, who is also the Director, Research Management and Innovation, LASU, Prof. Muyiwa Odusanya, while thanking all the speakers and those who participated added, _5G will take us far with better services. We stand to lose all, if we are not part of the next best communication technology.”

The Vice Chancellor, Professor ‘ Lanre Fagbohun, SAN, was the Chief Host of the 5th LASU Virtual Public Lecture.

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