Australian sector cheers at employer survey findings

The survey, published by Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching, found that 85.3% of direct supervisors are satisfied with their new graduate employees, up from the 84.7% saying the same in 2020. It is the highest result since the survey began in 2016.

“This is a truly outstanding result and demonstrates how, even in the middle of a global pandemic, universities are producing graduates who are work-ready, highly employable and able to hit the ground running in the workplace,” Universities Australia chief executive Catriona Jackson said.

“It’s a powerful endorsement from direct supervisors in the workplace”

“It’s a powerful endorsement from direct supervisors in the workplace, who see a graduate’s skills in action first-hand, that Australia’s universities are preparing students to succeed in the world of work.”

The country’s peak body for independent providers, the Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia, highlighted that independent higher education providers enjoy higher overall employer satisfaction levels than public universities, at 88.4% compared to 85.0%, respectively.

“As the nation faces a growing skills crisis, it is the independent tertiary education providers that are doing the heavy lifting in delivering to employers the skilled and educated workforce they need. It’s pleasing that across both the higher education and vocational training sectors, it is independent providers that lead on key measures of employer satisfaction,” said Troy Williams, ITECA chief executive.

The survey’s findings confirm “the reputation of independent higher education providers for excellence and that employers recognise the contribution of these institutions in providing graduates with job-ready knowledge and experience”, he added.

Further featured findings include a 93.7% satisfaction rate with technical skills, 93.5% satisfaction with foundation skills – general literacy, numeracy and communication skills, 90.3% satisfaction with adaptive skills, 89.3% satisfaction with teamwork and interpersonal skills, and 86.6% satisfaction with employability skills.

“The survey draws a strong connection between skills and knowledge acquired by university students and the requirements of their jobs after graduation,” Jackson added.


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