Bayswater Education acquires LSC from STS Education

Acquired from STS Education for an undisclosed sum, Bayswater said the deal means it can “greatly expand” operations with new locations, courses and an extensive network of international partners.

“We will be able to diversify geographically, broaden our portfolio, and ultimately strengthen our core business”

Managing director of Bayswater Education, Stephan Roussounis, said the deal would strengthen Bayswater’s position within the growing under-18 language travel market.

The announcement comes at a time when “our industry is currently mothballed for the foreseeable future”, he said, but the deal is an investment for 2021.

“By adding LSC’s experience, knowledge and vast international network, we will be able to diversify geographically, broaden our portfolio, and ultimately strengthen our core business,” he said.

“Most importantly, we will be able to reach and provide for a greater number of young international students.”

It is the second acquisition for Bayswater in 2020 after it expanded to Liverpool in February.

LSC will retain its branding and continue to offer high-quality study, social and cultural programs for young international students at centres around the UK.

STS is set to continue collaborating closely with LSC and Bayswater to offer UK-based language travel products, the company’s confirmed.

“This acquisition mirrors similar deals in the education travel industry, as it continues a growing drive towards consolidation,” John Cedergårdh CEO of STS Education said.

“We believe that having the right players dedicating their resources and knowledge to the right areas, the industry as a whole will progress and become the best it can be.”

STS Education will now focus on growing its international high school exchanges – an area where the company has seen “considerable growth”. STS plans to keep bolstering its position while improving its products, portfolio and customer experience.

“I’m certain LSC will greatly benefit from Bayswater’s experience, vision and drive to grow by dedicating 100% of their resources and efforts to the language travel product,” Cedergårdh added.

“We’re convinced that the partnership will be a great success, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with both LSC and Bayswater Education in the future.”

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