BCCIE forms partnership to internationalise Mongolian education

The MOU, which was signed at a virtual ceremony on January 27, was a first between the two groups and will “help facilitate the cultural and academic exchange of BC, Canadian, and Mongolian educational institutions, students, and educators, and strengthen the internationalisation efforts of BCCIE and MED”.

“With a vision to provide equitable and fair access to quality education for all and to prepare educated human resources, the government of Mongolia attaches great importance to its foreign relations with our partner countries,” said Gantulga Jigjidsuren, head of the Metropolitan Education Department of Mongolia, which oversees early childhood to K-12 education in Ulaanbaatar.

“The government of Mongolia attaches great importance to its foreign relations with our partner countries”

“The signing of this MOU cements the foundation for mutual cooperation to explore and create opportunities for students, teachers, and instructors and I believe it marks the beginning of an effective collaboration that enriches the education relations of our two countries.”

Mongolia’s education system has seen investment from and cooperation with many countries over the last few years, including Japan, China and Russia.

While a high proportion of university-aged citizens go on to higher education, graduate unemployment remains an issue.

For Mongolian international students, popular destinations include South Korea, Japan, the US, Australia and Turkey. The vast majority of its incoming students come from China, including from Inner Mongolia.

“Mongolia is a great and important country, a major trading partner of Canada especially in mining, and importantly an emerging market for BC’s education system,” said Randall Martin, executive director of BCCIE.

“Our agreement with MED represents another step towards advancing study abroad opportunities for students and teachers in BC and Mongolia and signifies the commitment both share in fostering global citizenship.”

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