Better and cheaper alternatives for cable TV

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Over the years, we have been stuck with cable TV that forces us to seat down in front of our television and watch our favorite problems. However, there is just one little problem. We spend most of our time outside our home at work, parties, get-togethers, and other activities. During this period some of our favorite shows are ongoing and we hardly have time to watch them. In the end, we pay very expensive cable TV fees but hardly watch any programs, let alone watch our money worth of the program. Fortunately, there is beginning to be a change in this situation. With the advent of streaming media, there are now streaming TVs that you can easily subscribe to with a lot of advantages. For instance, you could easily watch from anywhere you are and you can always go back to programs that you missed without having to remember to record them. Furthermore, they are often cheaper and provide more channels. Here are some of the better and cheaper alternatives to cable TV.

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Netflix is a provider of media services in America. They are also a production company that was established in Scotts Valley in the year 1997 by Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings. The major aim of the company is to provide a streaming service based on subscription to its customers. They provide a library of television programs and films to their audience. There were more than 148 million Netflix paid subscribers across the world as of April 2019. The streaming service can be accessed by subscribers all over the world except in Crimea, North Korea, Syria, and Mainland China as a result of restrictions in those areas. Included among its wide range of programs is its original content as they are also into production and distribution of television series and movies produced by them.


Another streaming TV subscription you might want to opt for is Vontronix. With their service, you can watch their over 4,000 channels on your mobile phone (Android and iOS) as well as on Amazon Fire TV and Android Box. Their service is affordable as you can watch on up to 2 TVs at an affordable price. However, you should be wary of their limit of 5 IP Addresses per day. The implication is that when you are watching with your device, you should not connect to more than 5 different networks with the program running or minimize. Exceeding the maximum 5 IP addresses will make your subscription to be turned off for fraud.


Media box is another subscription streaming TV service that you can enjoy on your devices with just the Internet. Media box gives you access to stream radio and music, sports and news, as well as movies and series. Media box allows you to connect to various forms of media where you can watch programs. They are affiliated to the biggest entertainment media names and thus, you are sure to find your preferred entertainment media on their platform. They have their hardware that you can buy, install and subsequently connect to your devices.