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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Doorstep collection of biomedical and sanitary waste will be available across the state in the near future. The pilot phase of the programme is going on in seven municipal corporations in Ernakulam and Alappuzha districts. The local self-government department had recently issued guidelines for collection, storage and disposal of biomedical and sanitary waste from houses, apartments, hostels, lodges and hotels. It covers sanitary napkins, baby and adult diapers, expired tablets and capsules, medicine strips, syringes, needles and medicine bottles of plastic or glass. The waste will be collected by Haritha Karma Sena or other agencies assigned by the LSG bodies and processed at Kerala Enviro Infrastructure Limited (KEIL) in Kochi. Biomedical waste collection will be a paid service, according to the guidelines. 

The beneficiary has to pay Rs 50 plus GST for one kilogram of waste at the time of collection. The bill for the service should bear the licence number given to the agency by the LSG and the latter’s seal. The local bodies can assign the task with Haritha Karma Sena or entrepreneurs or private agencies. Private agencies should have at least three-year experience in solid waste management. Start-ups and companies using modern technologies are exempted from work experience.

The selected agency is responsible for transportation of waste, staff salary and payment to KEIL. The KEIL charges Rs 28.50 for processing 1kg of waste. Waste transportation should be on GPS-enabled vehicles. Personal protection equipment should be provided to handlers.The guidelines ban houses, apartments and establishments from handing over biomedical waste to agencies not accredited by municipalities. Burning or careless disposal of biomedical waste is a punishable offence, as per the norms.

Colour codes for waste collection bags

Yellow: Sanitary napkin, diaper, material with blood stain
Blue: Expired medicine, strip
White: Syringe, needle, blade other sharp-edged items
Red: Disposable tubes, gloves, urine bag, medicine bottle in plastic or glass

Beneficiaries and fee
Houses, apartments, hostels, lodges and hotels
J50 will be charged for 1kg

The process
LSG bodies to select collection agency
All waste to be processed at KEIL, Kochi

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