Boarding school associations BAISIS and BSA join forces

Under the agreement, BAISIS will formally become part of BSA Group, which comprises BSA and the Safeguarding and Child Protection Association.

“This is a clear benefit for our members and ultimately the schools and students”

“BAISIS and BSA believe passionately in supporting boarding and safeguarding and offer specialist support to schools,” said BSA chair Mark Lauder.

“Bringing BAISIS and BSA together strengthens both organisations at a time when supporting international students is more important than ever.”

The two organisations have worked in partnership since 2019, joining BAISIS’s 65 UK school members with BSA’s 608 members in 35 countries.

“The partnership BAISIS has had with BSA over the past 12 months has been very productive and we are pleased to take this a stage further by bringing BAISIS into the BSA Group,” BAISIS chair Julian Baker noted.

“This is a clear benefit for our members and ultimately the schools and students they support.”

As part of BSA Group, BAISIS will extend its training and support services for international students to more schools, while BSA members will benefit from the services for the first time.

BAISIS general secretary Caroline Nixon will join the BSA Group as International Director and Director, while Julian Baker will become a board director. BAISIS executive officer Sue Harris will continue in her role.

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