BOSSA and Pearson Partner to Increase PTE Availability for Chinese Students

The new partnership formed by Beijing Overseas Study Service Association and Pearson will see BOSSA’s network of education recruitment agents, schools, and students provided with the secure English tests.

“Our Pearson tests of English are fast, fair, and convenient,” Freya Thomas Monk, senior vice president at Pearson PTE, said.

“By working together, we believe we can offer greater choice and opportunity to the ever-growing number of students in China who wish to work, study or come to live in the US or UK.”

“By working together, we believe we can offer greater choice and opportunity”

Through the partnership, Chinese students and parents will be provided with updates, advice, and guidance on English language learning and testing, offered a passage to the globally well-recognised higher education institutions and given a chance to bring the academic dreams to reality.

“Pearson PTE offers several distinct advantages to hopeful Chinese students planning to go abroad,” said Jon Santangelo, BOSSA spokesperson.

“We think students and education agents alike will welcome PTE as a viable alternative to other English-language qualifying exams.”

The Pearson Tests of English is trusted by over 1,000 institutions in the US and 99% of higher education institutions in the UK.

BOSSA has a membership consisting of 300 well renowned Chinese education agencies and over 1,500 certified individual counsellors.

Although the passion for Chinese students to study in the US has been affected by the geopolitical tensions between the two countries, there were still about 373,000 Chinese students studying in the US in 2020, comprising 35% of the international students’ community, the IIE 2020 Open Doors Report noted.

While the UK has become a more popular destination for Chinese students who make up the largest cohort of international students, with around 139,130 studying in the UK last year, according to HESA statistics.

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