Bred Hub calls for introduction of Artificial Intelligence in school curriculum

By Gabriel Olawale

Pupils taking lessons in one of the classrooms newly constructed at Ahor Primary School, Bekuma, in Akoko-Edo Local Government Area, of Edo State.

BLISS Team Educational Services, Bred Hub, has called on the Federal Government to introduce Artificial Intelligence in school curriculum as part of measures to prepare this generation for the future.

Speaking ahead of train-the-trainer programme in Lagos, the General Manager, Bliss Team Educational Services, Christian Chime, said that government must champion the initiative that would introduce children and youths to the world of innovation through the teaching of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Coding and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education.

Chime noted that in the nearest future, the world would expect AI/Robotics to be a way of life and would play great roles in human existence on earth; adding: “Whoever leads in Artificial intelligence in 2030 will rule the world until 2100. We want this skill to be part of school curriculum, we want every student to be able to build and programme robotics. Irrespective of what a child wants to become, he or she needs to understand how to use technology because it is taking over every industry it makes process faster in whatever industry they are going to find themselves.

“Bred Hub in partnership with UBTECH is organizing an interactive Artificial Intelligence and Robotics training for teachers and educators so that they can educate their students. We need to prepare the children for the future because failure to do so, when the future finally come they won’t be able to fit in.” Bred Hub Coordinator, Chimezie Ikeme, said that Artificial Intelligence/Robotics has come to stay.

, adding, “let me tell you, in the next five to ten years the work space will be different and some business will naturally go into extinction. What we have today that will be relevant in the next century is Artificial Intelligence/Robotics skill.
“As part of our effort towards preparing children for the future we have started teaching students across Lagos State and we still intend to drive more schools into  it but the best approach is for the Federal Government to champion the initiative.”

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