Camino and University of Nicosia launch gateway centre

“The IGC will provide support students to further improve the quality of their university experience”

International students at the University of Nicosia will have an increased level of support including on English language and academic skills, as well as pastoral care.

“The establishment of the University of Nicosia IGC as a dedicated support unit is the result of an exciting partnership between one of the leading universities in the Mediterranean and a highly experienced team of international educators who have decades of expertise in the best practices for transnational student success,” said University of Nicosia CEO, Antonis Polemitis.

“The University of Nicosia IGC will provide support to both on-campus and online students to further improve the quality of their university experience,” Polemitis added.

The institution currently has more than 12,500 students from more than 70 countries – 6,000 of which study wholly online.

The University of Nicosia is also the first university in the European Union to be awarded a 5-star rating for Online/Distance Learning by the QS Intelligence Unit.

“Camino and its European leadership team are delighted to partner with UNIC – a dynamic and well-established university in a country that bridges Europe and Asia,” John Wood, Camino’s executive chair and managing director noted.

“We anticipate whether online or on-campus in stunning accommodation, the student experience will be second to none.”

Headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, Camino develops and operates gateway programmes, pathway programs and international branch campuses, and advises universities and investors on enhancing international operations.

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