Catalyst GEM aims to be “next evolution” of recruitment

Catalyst GEM is seeking to assist institutions reach a growing global market of qualified students more efficiently via its secure platform where international students can share sensitive documents and track and manage applications.

“We are excited to launch this platform during a crucial time when the majority of US colleges and universities are experiencing a significant decline in overall enrolment,” said John Evans, founder and CEO of Catalyst GEM.

“While educational institutions across the board are looking for ways to grow enrolment, attracting students from overseas has been under-explored due to its typically cumbersome and cost-prohibitive nature.”

The company nodded to domestic demographic declines in the US meaning the need for international student recruitment becoming more urgent.

“Domestic enrolment was already in decline before Covid-19,” Evans noted.

“The virus has created losses exceeding $200bn for the US higher education industry, to date. Our goal is to connect education institutions with qualified and verified international students and simplify the process of admission.”

“Our platform removes much of the traditional cost associated with the international admissions process”

Experienced team members who have spent their careers scaling domestic and international higher education enrolment will allow Catalyst GEM “to fully understand institution and international student needs and the challenges they are facing”, Evans continued.

“We are able to plan and build technological solutions to address these needs.”

Some 90 institutions offering over 6,000 programs across the USA, Canada, UK and other countries are featured on the platform as it launched.

“We look forward to expanding our network of institutional clients and destinations,” added chief marketing officer Paul Antonevich.

“Our goal is to ensure international students have the very best choices available to match their academic strengths, career goals and budget. Our platform removes much of the traditional cost associated with the international admissions process.”

Access to the platform for international students is free, and institutions do not to pay up front fees to be featured, Catalyst GEM added.

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