Celtic English Academy partners with KiwiCo on Camp Change Makers program

Cardiff based Celtic English Academy and KiwiCo will hold a five-week program called Camp Change Makers, starting from July 14, which will use the English language to explore key global issues like climate change, gender equality and clean energy.

“Celtic English Academy has always strived to diversify its programme portfolio”

As part of these English language classes, KiwiCo will supply educational arts and STEM activity boxes and resources directly to students. 

It is hoped this will help them explore “solutions-based thinking by activating their natural ability to be innovative and creative, all in the medium of the English language”.

“Celtic English Academy has always strived to diversify its program portfolio to meet the needs of learners and the necessity for the ELT sector to do this now has never been greater,” said CEO, Shoko Doherty. 

Doherty said that Celtic English Academy are excited to partner with KiwiCo and to offer themed English language tuition on key world issues. 

“In the new low-touch economy, I believe this summer pilot program has the scope to become a year-round venture and has much to offer young learners overseas as well as here in Wales and the UK as we educate the next generation of global citizens. 

“With a low-cost, low-carbon program like Camp Change Makers, we can transport young minds from all around the world on a journey far beyond home,” she said. 

The Camp Change Makers’ lesson content is based on the themes of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the spirit of the Welsh Government’s Future Generation’s Act.

Doherty said she is confident that the partnership and program has significant merit in the UK as well as overseas given the increasing time pupils are spending learning from home.

Celtic English Academy is a British Council and IALC accredited school and is a member of English UK and Young Learners English UK.

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