CES Toronto rebrands as Mentora Language Academy Toronto

According to the company, the switch to the more internationally-recognised Mentora brand is an effort to align the Toronto presence more closely with BAU Global’s Mentora Language centres, located throughout the world, including Washington DCBerlin, and Istanbul.

Established in Toronto in 2012, CES Toronto has been a brand known for its high standards in quality English language training for students worldwide.

“Our main goal is to provide international students with enriched English language instruction”

According to a statement from the language academy, the rebranding will include a logo and name change, but its “advanced curriculum, quality education and fun social activities will stay as they always have”.

CES Toronto executive director of Operations, Emrah K. Oyman, is leading the rebranding effort and said he is looking forward to the future.

Mentora College of Business and Technology

“Our main goal at Mentora Language Academy is to provide international students with enriched English language instruction, and the skills to thrive in academic and social settings,” he added.

As part of the new brand, the Toronto location has also opened a new career college, Mentora College of Business & Technology.

As the newest addition to the BAU Global brand – an international network of universities, colleges and language schools spread over three continents and eight countries – having access to this worldwide academic community gives students in Toronto richer experiences during their programs and more opportunities after graduation.

Currently accepting students for 2020, the career college offers diplomas in Business Administration Management and Hotel Management.

Both diplomas feature a work placement, allowing students to receive on-the-job training.

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