CIEE reveals int’l student retention initiative for those unable to travel

At CIEE facilities in 30 cities around the world, partners hope to ensure that students can prepare for a return to US campus and stay on track for their education, while institutions “preserve critical tuition revenue”.

“CIEE has adapted our programs and forged new paths to meet the needs of a changing world”

“We’re delighted we’re able to help our university partners provide academic continuity for their international students during this unprecedented time,” said M. Seamus Harreys, CIEE vice president for global enrolment.

“In the face of the global pandemic, CIEE has adapted our programs and forged new paths to meet the needs of a changing world.”

The organisation’s staff will support first-year, returning, or graduate students hit by travel or visa restrictions at turn-key campuses in Shanghai and Beijing in China, Mumbai and Hyderabad in India, among others.

Institutions partnering with CIEE include Tulane University, Penn State University, Clark University and MCPHS.

“While we are sad that Tulane undergraduate students from China will be unable to be in New Orleans this fall, we hope that being able to take academic courses and co-curricular programs alongside other Tulane students through the Tulane Global program in Shanghai will prove to be a personally and academically fulfilling alternative,” said Casey Love, interim associate dean of global education at Tulane.

Programs will consist of CIEE-taught courses and/or courses taught by university partners, as the exchange organisation delivers on-site experience including facilities, local activities, and student support.

Earlier in August, WholeRen Education also announced student retention schemes via “student villages” at sites in China.

CIEE is the USA’s oldest and largest nonprofit study abroad and intercultural exchange organisation, sponsors cultural exchange opportunities, including work exchange programs, teach abroad programs.

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