Class of 2020 announces winners of Best in Class Awards

“In a young and learning industry, we find it important to honour thought leadership”

The awards were held as part of The Class Graduation Conference, which brought together over 900 delegates from higher education, real estate, technology, investment, co-working, co-living, and student living. 

Other winners included Greystar – OurDomain Amsterdam South East, which won best New Shared Living Development of the Year and Basecamp – Lyngby which won the best sustainable property award. 

The half-day virtual conference also included the release of a new Trend Report which provides forecasts from the think tank’s community about what might happen to the sector over the next 10 years. 

“The Best in Class Awards were established in 2016 in order to recognise, highlight, and promote companies and initiatives at the forefront of student and shared living, working, and learning,” Eveline Zoutewelle, marketing and communication coordinator at the Class of 2020, told The PIE News

“In a young and learning industry, we find it important to honour thought leadership and encourage the exchange of bright ideas,” she said. 

During the conference delegates discussed the switch to “anywhere learning” – and how the pandemic has prompted the entire education industry to “think again”. 

“The city will become the campus” said Martin Paul, president of Maastricht University and chair of Young University for the Future of Europe.

“Going away from the concept that a university is a building or group of buildings on the periphery of the city, to really have small spaces where students can learn.

“We need to break down walls between faculties, students, and citizens. These new learning spaces will become spaces for interaction between citizens, bringing students together with other members of society.”

Gohar Hovhannisyan, president of the European Student Union said that there are a lot of students who don’t have the conditions at home to study their course from home in a calm atmosphere.

“As a student union representative, I would prioritise this on an institutional level with universities, but also on a governmental level with policymakers,” she said. 

The Best in Class Awards

This year’s winners of the The Best in Class Awards included: 

In 2019, The Class of 2020’s conference explored “blended living”.

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