Colombian agencies announce TEAM Alliance

TEAM Alliance will “work for the consolidation” of the agency market across Latin America, where members will seek to “create exceptional value” for partners while agencies maintain their style, independence, brand and corporate values without competing directly with one another.

“Our great asset is our diversity”

Students will benefit from a worldwide portfolio, the group said.

Founding members – including Conexion World Studies, Dunher Studies, Edu Link, Studio Travel, Viva First and We Are TOP – have an average of 15 years of experience in the international education industry.

Speaking with The PIE News, director & founder of Studio Travel, Jorge Alzate, said TEAM Alliance is aiming to become the strongest alliance of education agents in Latin America by 2023.

“Our great asset is our diversity. Every TEAM Alliance agency has a different style to recruit students and this is a big advantage for education providers,” he explained.

“Every member keeps its independence and brand, we all follow our values and commitments as a group, having always the student in the first place.

“We do not compete directly between us, we share the challenge to make students and education providers happy.”

The group is beginning with Colombian agencies and will grow “step by step” to include members across Latin America.

“We will grow, we are pretty sure and passionate for that,” Alzate said.

Additionally, the group has launched TEAM Academy for internal training purposes for owners and agency staff.

“We are always looking to improve and share valuable content for our daily operation and business strategy,” Alzate noted.

TEAM Alliance has key partners but each member remains free to sign agreements independently, he added.

“We should respect that perhaps one member does better with a specific program for example, but not necessarily is of all members interest.”

“TEAM is a commercial alliance, we are not looking for regulating the market or to label our colleagues in the industry, but we expect from our agencies good practices, growing together, collaboration and focus on students and education providers satisfaction.

Earlier in 2020, another group – Registered Education Agencies Latinoamerica – was announced.

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