Concourse and Amala to collaborate on refugees HE access

Formerly known as Sky School, Amala Education is a non-profit that aims to utilise transformative education to create opportunities and inspire positive change in the lives of refugees.

Since 2016, Amala has developed the first international high school curriculum for high-achieving refugees and has educated more than 380 refugee youth in collaboration with eight partner organisations in six countries.

“Through Concourse, young refugees will showcase their talents and academic achievements”

“This partnership with Amala furthers our mission to increase access to higher education for students around the world,” said Joe Morrison, founder & CEO of Concourse.

“Through Concourse, young refugees will showcase their talents and academic achievements to attract admission offers and scholarships from best-fit universities, opening up opportunities for a brighter future.”

Only 23% of refugees around the world have the opportunity to go to high school, and only 1% go to university, Amala highlighted.

Through its collaboration, Amala and Concourse will seek to match students with best-fit universities ranging from Arizona State University  in the US, Queen’s University in Canada, University of York in UK and the University of Auckland in New Zealand.

Students using the Concourse platform are not charged university application fees, and are eligible for scholarships, helping address some of the financial challenges refugees face.

Through the Global Clearing admissions program Concourse launched in May 2020, 2,300 admission offers were made and $24 million in scholarships offered.

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