Covid-19 ‘significantly impacted’ mental wellbeing, say students

A survey of over 10,000 students across nine education destinations, found that as an international average, 66% students felt that their mental wellbeing had been adversely impacted due to Covid-19, in what they felt could be a long term impact.

The percentage was the highest among students from Spain – 76%, followed closely by those in Germany – 75%, and in the UK – 74%. In Australia, however, the figure was slightly lesser – at 72%.

The survey highlights that as an average, internationally, 78% of the 10,000 surveyed students said that the pandemic had led them to change their decision making in relation to their university studies, with many deferring courses and enrolments.

The survey was carried out to mark the launch of Yugo, a first of its kind global student accommodation provider, with a student-centric focus.

“Longer-term, we know that the transition to digital communications and study hasn’t suited everybody, and we know students are keen to return to face-to-face courses and have a greater interaction with their peers on campus,” noted Tim Klitscher, managing director, APAC & UAE at Yugo, while sharing his insights in relation to the results of the survey.

Longer-term, we know that the transition to digital communications and study hasn’t suited everybody”

Over 50% of the surveyed students, particularly in the UK, Ireland, Australia, and Germany also cited that transitioning into digital interfaces for nearly all of their academic and social interactions for nearly two years, had taken a huge toll on their mental wellbeing. Additionally, quite a few also mentioned developing social anxiety during this period.

“Many students staying in our spaces are away from family, and isolation and shutdowns have had a significant impact on a large proportion of them,” Klitscher continued.

“By providing a support network of staff and creating a community which becomes a microcosm of life, we can at least make them feel more at home and in a nurturing and protective environment,” mentioned Klitscher, while talking about the role that Yugo is planning to play in this space.

“Although governments and many universities have put systems and facilities in place to support students in coping better amidst the pandemic and taking better care of their mental wellbeing, the pandemic has clearly had a significant impact on them.

“As we transition into a new normal in 2022 (all fingers crossed), engagement with students and providing them continued support might help them in getting into the right headspace, as they look forward to launching themselves into their career paths post study.”

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