Create Your Own Interactive Activities using BookWidgets!


What are BookWidgets?

Have you ever wanted to create something interactive and dynamic for your students but just don’t have all the time in the world to put something together?

Perhaps you are in the middle of creating a lesson with your teaching team and you wanted to add that last bit of awesomeness to an activity to put it over the top?

All throughout this school year, I have been in search of an application to not only help myself as an Instructional Coach, but also to bring into my classrooms to share with my students.  The app had to be easy to use, simple to teach, and interactive for the students.

In today’s blog post, I am excited to introduce you to BookWidgets, a dynamic platform that allows you to create your own interactive exercises and self-graded assignments in literally minutes!

What are BookWidgets?

With digital classrooms being more diverse in their digital learning devices than ever, it’s difficult for school districts to settle on one platform that does a variety of tasks.  This is where BookWidgets comes in.

BookWidgets offers teachers more than 40 different digital exercise templates ranging from self-graded quizzes to interactive maps to even a dynamic digital whiteboard that is quickly accessible on any mobile device, laptop, or desktop computer.

BookWidgets Options

Where teachers will love how easy it is to quickly create student-focused activities such as crossword puzzles, bingo sheets, and memory games, students will love how easy it is to use BooksWidgets as a tool to guide them through curricular activities that immerse themselves in the learning.

Why Do Teachers Love BookWidgets?

Once a BookWidgets project is created, teachers can distribute the activity/assignment to their students either directly through a link or by sharing it through Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams Canvas, or Schoology.

BookWidgets 2

Teachers can then monitor their students’ progress in real-time no matter where they choose to complete the task. This not only allows the teacher to have extremely quick feedback on how well the lesson is going but also provides the students with a quick way of showing the teacher what still needs to be taught or reviewed.

Why Do Instructional Coaches Love BookWidgets?

As someone who is constantly looking to create dynamic professional development sessions both for small and large groups, BookWidgets gives me the opportunity to inbed and quickly share interactive activities that keep my audience on their toes and engaged in the lessons.

BookWidgets 3

Some of my favorite widgets for professional development are the Hotspot Image, Survey, Exit Ticket, and Interactive White Board.

How Easy It To Create A BookWidgets Project?

Creating a BookWidgets project is extremely easy and can be done before, after, or even during a typical instructional period.

How to Create an Interactive WhiteBoard.

How to Create an Exit Ticket

Where Can You Learn More About BookWidgets?

By visiting the BookWidgets homepage, you can sign up to for a free trial of the platform. Basic teacher plans start at only $49 per year if purchased annually or, they also have a “Teacher Group” plan that allows a group of 10+ teachers to subscribe for only $35 a year.

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