D2L is committed to ensuring the continuity of learning through this challenging time

The risk of COVID-19 and the impact on learning is evolving daily. Here at D2L, our commitment has always been to ensure everyone has access to the best possible learning experiences. The health and safety of learners and educators is our shared priority and we understand that a transition to online learning is a required step for many of our customers. We are committed to the smooth continuation of operations for your organization and minimizing disruption for learners and educators.

D2L supports schools, colleges, universities, and companies all over the world. Most of the virtual schools in North America and many globally have trusted D2L for years, along with many of the largest online colleges and universities. Our cloud-based platform has the best industry uptime and is running on Amazon Web Services (AWS) – it is designed for scalability, and we are actively increasing our resourcing and capacity for a smooth transition for clients impacted all over the world.

We understand that your learners and educators will access and use the Brightspace platform more frequently in a fully online environment. As part of our commitment to your learning continuity, we are supporting your transition from a classroom usage model to online usage model at no additional cost through to July 1st, 2020.

D2L’s online learning solution and partner network offers educators and students flexible options. We understand additional training, support or other services may be required at this time and are scaling up capacity to meet your needs. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager, or contact [email protected], who are ready to assist and ensure your needs are met.

As always, D2L’s Brightspace Community is your place for up to date information and assistance including this list of hands-on resources. We are proud of how our D2L family of customers have rallied together to share best practices and resources.

This is an evolving situation and changing daily – we will continue to work actively with you to learn and adapt as changes occur. We remain committed to you and the extended learning community to minimize disruption and ensure the continuity of learning through this challenging time.

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