Dallas parents flocking to schools that pull students from both rich and poor parts of town


DALLAS — When Lauren McKinnon heard a new public elementary school was opening close to her home in Dallas, it was good news; but when she learned the school would offer an all-girls education format with a focus on STEM, she was excited, knowing inequities often exist for girls – like her daughters – in math and science.

But something else stood out about the school that attracted McKinnon: its potential for a student body that looked more like Dallas as a whole.

The school, Solar Prep for Girls, opened in 2016 as a “Transformation School”, one of several efforts underway to reverse decades of white flight from the school system. The school district is currently 71 percent Hispanic, 21 percent Black and 5 percent white, and 86 percent of its students are eligible for federally subsidized lunches.


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