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Since July 2020, hundreds of people in the Siouxland area have contributed to the research and development of COVID-19 vaccines, including those that have been granted Emergency Use Authorization. They did so by joining a clinical trial at Meridian.

Without clinical trials, it would be impossible to develop new medicines, treatments, and cures. Clinical trials help researchers determine if medicines, medical devices, and tests are safe and effective.

There are clinical trial opportunities for healthy people and for people with the condition(s) being studied. Age, gender, medical record, and treatment history may affect your ability to join a study.

Why Join a Clinical Trial?

Many people find joining a clinical trial to be a rewarding experience. The benefits go well beyond helping people live longer, healthier lives. Clinical trials offer more care options for people suffering from common or rare health conditions. The doctors involved in clinical trials are often specialists in the condition(s) being studied. Many studies also offer payment for time and travel.

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Your doctor may tell you about a study, or you may find one by searching online — you can find Meridian studies by visiting mcrmed.com/find-study. After you apply for a study, you will be asked some questions (likely over the phone) to determine if the study is right for you. If you pass the phone screening, you may visit a clinic for a physical screening.

Each study is different, but the informed consent process ensures you understand what will happen. You’ll learn about the product being studied, your role in the trial, potential side effects, and the visits required. After you fully understand your role in the study, you may sign an informed consent form.

You will receive a physical exam that will vary depending on the study. As an added benefit, you may also get specific exams or tests (results will be shared with you).

Some studies require several visits to the clinic. You may be eligible to receive payment or reimbursement for your time and travel for each visit. Any required follow-up visits would be detailed in the informed consent process so you’re never surprised by what a study entails.

Learn about current studies in Sioux City

Participating in a study is an important decision — Meridian’s experts are here to help before, during, and after studies.

For more information about the clinical research process, and to find a Meridian study near you, visit mcrmed.com/find-study.


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