Discovery Education launches AR iPad app

Discovery Education’s Sandbox AR app seeks to “expand educators’ ability”, with superimposing virtual images and data on a user’s view of the real world as well as other cutting edge features.

“For over 20 years Discovery Education has provided innovative digital learning solutions to educators worldwide, and 2021 marked the start of a new chapter in the company’s history,” said Discovery Education managing director of global initiatives Howard Lewis.

According to Discovery Education, AR tech has the potential to “expand educators’ ability to create immersive, interactive learning experiences” that unlock students’ “natural curiosity”.

Sandbox AR gives students the power to create these virtual worlds and populate them with “unique objects from history, the built world, science and nature”.

This visualisation of “complex topics” creates tangible learning opportunities and could “heighten student engagement with digital content”.

The AR also claims it can improve knowledge retention among students, as they are actively participating in the learning experience.

Students and teachers can create, share and inhabit these virtual environments together.

The app also includes many “sandboxes” that are already pre-built, including scenes like ancient Egypt, Mayan civilisation, road construction and space exploration.

Discovery Education has said additional “sandboxes” are coming soon.

“This visualisation of “complex topics” creates tangible learning opportunities and could “heighten student engagement”

The edtech company is also making several free lessons that are ready to go for educators to use within the app – this way, teacher can “familiarise themselves with integrating AR into classroom instruction.

The new tech is another ambitious move by Discovery Education, who are vowing to build on their 2021 successes.

“In 2021, we built on the extensive library of educational videos that educators know and love us for and added new time-saving tools and resources providing all learners with more ways to use our engaging content and dynamic platform every day,” Lewis said.

Sandbox AR and resources we make available to educators today are just the beginning of what will be a number of powerful new resources Discovery Education plans to provide students and educators in 2022 and beyond,” he added.

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