Droplets app adjusts to help distance learners

Droplets – one of the company’s language learning apps teaching 32 languages which launched earlier this year – has adjusted its profile limit from two to 50 in order for teachers to use the program with their remote students. Additionally, the time limit from Droplets’ free version has been removed temporarily.

“We originally thought we would revert Droplets by summer”

Following school closures as a result of the global pandemic, many teachers had been in touch with the company to find out whether the program could be used for remote learning.

“We originally thought we would revert Droplets by summer, as lockdowns ease and communities start opening back up,” Drew Banks chief customer officer at Drops said.

“We are monitoring the global response to Covid-19 to determine if that still makes sense. Also, we may revert each of these features separately.”

The adjustment was specifically made for instructor-guided remote learning, where teachers set up a “teacher” account.

The company added that its complete portfolio of apps – Drops, Scripts, and Droplets – is ideal for independent, self-guided remote learning.

Earlier in 2020, Drops partnered with nonprofit study abroad and intercultural exchange program, Council on International Educational Exchange.

Through the agreement, around 2,500 high school students on CIEE Global Navigator High School Study Abroad programs were provided with a three month premium subscription to Droplets.

The partnership affirmed CIEE’s “commitment to broadening international access and opening doors to new cultures”, Matt Redman, vice president of CIEE said at the time.

Drops is also discussing a more permanent partnership with CIEE, following the partnership’s success.

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