EC English expands virtual platform offering

The provider’s EC Virtual platform has added an ‘on demand’ product to its range of digital courses including General English courses, French, IELTS preparation courses, and university pathway courses.

“We are very proud of how quickly we were able to get students online”

The tailor-made English program is customisable and can cater English language specific to a human resources office, teacher training, or language development for staff in the tech or finance industries, EC said.

EC has also embedded its Young Learners courses on to the digital platform, while students are gradually being welcomed back into schools.

“We are very proud of how quickly we were able to get students online and soon realised that this was the answer to an ongoing problem,” EC English CEO Andrew Mangion said, adding that while EC adjusted its operations, the provider considered products with which it could reach a wider range of students.

“With our entire workforce pulling together and pooling knowledge, we have revolutionised the way we work and teach to bring EC Virtual to fruition,” he said.

“Having worked with EC for over 23 years, I could not be prouder to be at the forefront of a business that is continually adapting to meet the needs of our students, particularly during these unprecedented times.”

EC English Group Academic director, Gillian Davidson, noted that online learning “is here to stay”, adding that the extended range of courses offer students more options and flexibility.

“All our courses follow our well-established curriculums but have been specially adapted for the unique online environment, allowing students to join an international learning environment, from the comfort of their home,” she said.


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