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From time to time, higher education institutions must close unexpectedly due to emergency situations such as inclement weather, natural disaster, emergency repairs to facilities, or even community illness. Unexpected and extended closures wreak havoc on learning progress and school calendars. We believe closures should not be taken lightly, but in the event they are necessary, preparation is required.

The impact of COVID-19 on the way we live, learn and work is evolving daily. We know that health and safety is the top priority right now. To help with education on the COVID-19 virus, D2L is offering a free course that weaves together the scientific, social, and economic perspectives of the current SARS-Cov-2 / COVID-19 global pandemic. With an education-first approach, this comprehensive course has been constructed with the goal of providing an opportunity to interactively learn about the virus and its impacts to our world. By providing research-based information, the course helps learners and educators understand the global pandemic, its risks, and how to effectively manage them. You can take the course here!

This free course is self-paced, takes approximately 7 hours to complete and is broken up into the following units:

  • Unit 1: A Background on Viruses
  • Unit 2: The Virus behind COVID-19
  • Unit 3: Traveling as COVID-19 Spreads
  • Unit 4: Responding to the Virus
  • Unit 5: The Impacts of the Virus

D2L has over 20 years’ experience helping institutions shift to fully online or blended learning. We work closely with our customers all over the world to develop tailored plans in case of prolonged closures. This includes building an understanding of how to best support equitable learning continuity with an online learning platform. Brightspace provides scalable and personalized learning anytime and anywhere. We have clients who are using Brightspace in their learning continuity plans on a regular basis today. This experience has built our understanding of what is necessary to make learning work off-campus for periods of time.

For more resources to assist your teaching needs during COVID-19, check out our resources page at

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