Educonnect education comparison platform launched

Founder and chief education enabler at the cloud based platform Educonnect Pramesh Khadka said while this technology exists in other areas, Educonnect is the first to focus on Australian providers.

“Australian education providers need to also adapt and take advantage of these emerging environments”

“The EduTech space is fast evolving globally. Applyboard, a Canadian based platform and, SI-UK in the UK are examples of such technologies that are bringing new solutions to meet the market needs to connect providers with students,” he said.

“Australian education providers need to also adapt and take advantage of these emerging environments arising from post-Covid era and technology development.”

With Australia’s higher education sector in the grip of its worst ever crisis, facing a $16 billion loss in revenue, Parmesh believes it is technology like this that can help in the recovery.

“Australian education has to remain competitive and attractive to domestic and international students to ensure business continuity,” he said.

“Due to its great reputation, for many years, Australia has been the prime destination for international students prior to the pandemic. However, the current border restrictions in place have had a significant impact on the international demand for Australian education courses.

“With digital advancement accelerated by Covid-19, the majority of Australian education providers are able to offer courses online. This is key to the growth for providers as students across the globe are able to receive the same high quality studies in their own countries”.

Domestic and international students will be able to search, compare and connect with thousands of courses offered, and once courses have been shortlisted, Educonnect allows students to directly connect with course advisors from the education providers and enrol in their desired course.

Pramesh said the platform also utilises various channels such as social media and other online marketing channels to build awareness of Australia’s offerings.

“Traditionally, education providers have heavily relied upon international students through their recruitment partners that are in Australia or in local countries to attract and enrol students.

“As the new breed of students are more tech savvy and are equipped with technology tools, they are increasingly focused on doing their own research and finding the right course at the right provider that can suit their future career aspirations,” said Pramesh.

Currently, Educonnect has more than nine providers on board and expects to have 100 higher education, vocational and language providers on our platform by the end of the year.

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