Edvisor launches ‘next-gen’ recruiting products

Edvisor Recruit and Edvisor Distribute are next generation products designed to streamline the recruitment of students either directly, or through a network of education agents.

According to the company, its unique selling point is the software which bridges the gap between agents, educators and students, reaching both students directly as well as via sub-agents.

In 2020, Edvisor announced mergers with Book&Learn and EducationLink – a move that “create[d] the most sophisticated student recruitment and inventory distribution products ever built”, according to Edvisor CEO, Nicolas Miller.

The central booking system’s latest next gen products launched September 1.

Catering for agents or educators seeking to recruit students directly, the Edvisor Recruit software has added a student portal, offering a “modern and personalised way” to reach students, and guide them through their journeys.

The Distribute platform – for educators and master agencies working with sub-agents – is designed to increase the efficiency of managing partner agents.

Currently, the whole system helps some 8,000 agents in 50 countries.

“With these foundational products in place, we’re able to focus 100% on innovation”

Some 80% of agencies in Latin America and Brazil use the platform, while Europe and Australia are becoming increasingly important markets, the company suggested.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the company has additionally focused on its e-commerce plug-in which is expanding functionality to school and agent partners.

“With these foundational products in place, we’re able to focus 100% on innovation,” Miller added. “We’ll announce a couple more surprises before the end of the year.”

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