Here is just about every memory spot in The Slums region of Stray. Recreating B-12’s recollections is one of the big details of plot exposition inside Stray. In each individual zone, there are a precise selection of recollections dotted about the place that B-12 can obtain. In the Slums area of Stray, the initial main space of the video game, there are seven diverse memory areas. This manual will present you just about every of the spots you are going to want to obtain to catalogue just about every memory in the Slums.

1. Lifeless Robotic – Rooftops

The first memory B-12 can entry is a dead robot slumped versus the again of a indication on the rooftops of the Slums. If you leave the garage exactly where you fulfill the Guardian, and go on best of the vending device in advance of you on the still left, the initial memory can be discovered two rooftops higher than the floor.


2. Ancient Painting – Barter Store

For this memory, you are going to have to have to trade a few energy drink cans to the proprietor of the Barter Store, which is situated just left of the garage described in the entry earlier mentioned. You are going to be equipped to find the vitality drink cans from vending machines dotted all around the Slums. There is one particular just to the proper of exactly where the Guardian stands by Morusque the guitarist. There is one particular in close proximity to the back of the Slums ideal beside memory five (see below). Ultimately, there is a third vending machine on the rooftops near Doc’s condominium, tucked away a single stage down from a larger ledge. Soon after bringing the three power drink cans to the shop, the tarp will be eradicated and you can catalogue the memory.

3. Bowl of Liquid – Upstairs in Dufer Bar

The third memory is quite basic to obtain. Dufer Bar is found just all around the corner from Elliot Programming and Grandma, basically walk upstairs in the bar and you’ll be in a position to bowl on the table and catalogue the memory.

4. Video clip Game Poster – Momo’s Bedroom

One particular of the 1st people you’re directed to in the Slums is Momo, an outsider. His apartment is the one particular with the large orange neon indication hooked up. Climb your way up there and slip in Momo’s window to obtain his condominium. As soon as there, only stroll into his bed room and the fourth memory will be the movie video game poster on his wall.

5. “RIP Humans” – Slums Streets

Down the path from the laundromat, you are going to see some stairs leading to darkness. Climb these stairs and you are going to find graffiti on the wall looking through “RIP Humans”. The vending equipment desired for the initially memory is promptly beside this graffiti.

6. Robot Waving – Behind Surgical treatment

From the garage where you satisfied the Guardian, go correct to Morusque. To the left of where Morusque sits will be a tiny alleyway. Climb up this alleyway to the ledge at its stop and you will be capable to see the street art of the robot waving.

7. Minimal Tree – Upstairs in Elliot Programming

This is a further basic one to find. Go to Elliot Programming which is found just up the route from Grandma, you’ll have to scratch on the doorway until an individual allows you in. From right here, stroll up the stairs and you’ll be equipped to see the ultimate memory in the Slums, a tree sitting atop a small desk.


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