Finnish Schools International launches global online school for children

To ensure inclusivity, FSI GO is providing three-tier pricing based on GDP per capita, so that the school is as inclusive as possible and provides opportunities to children from different parts of the world.

“Giving teachers the leadership… will result in a world-class online learning experience for our students”

FSI Global Online School aims to provide world-class education by bringing together a curriculum inspired by the renowned Finnish education system and is one of the first schools that is co-owned and designed by teachers.

“We are convinced that giving teachers the leadership not only to deliver their great courses but to design, co-create and own the school they dream will result in a world-class online learning experience for our students,” said Alejtin Berisha, founder and CEO of FSI.

Rather than creating its own proprietary technology, FSI GO has brought together more than 50 education technology applications ranging from AI, gamification, and experiential learning to provide a digitally enriched education experience.

With a combination of live and asynchronous classes, FSI Global Online School is built to provide flexibility and personalisation. Every student has an individual learning plan and can design their own learning journey, including time, team and learning mode.

The school also moves with families, allowing them to continue their learning experience if re-locations take place.

Students at FSI GO will also be able to arrange and change their classroom groups or learning pods, and teammates.

For a group of families looking to create a learning pod together, FSI GO provides onsite tutors that will come to students’ home and provide face to face learning support.

One of the first teachers to join the school is Global Teacher Prize Top 10 finalist Maarit Rossi, who has has worked in transforming math education globally through her Paths to Math approach.

“Math is not always a subject loved by students and in most cases because it has been delivered in a wrong way,” she explained.

“I am really excited to be part of FSI Global Online School as in this way, I can contribute to developing a math learning approach that will make students love it, while having an impact at a global scale.”

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