From Zero Coding Knowledge to Expert ‘SAS Certified Coder’- See how this student’s life changed with the right course

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PST Analytics is a market leader in business analytics and data training. Whether it is budding graduates looking to enter the data industry or professionals looking to better their career, our institution is the best fit. Our training programs are designed to provide students with maximum exposure and acquire the skill sets they desire. Students can take advantage of our interactive classes and online training modules to learn the desired course at their chosen pace. The emphasis here is to provide them with enough knowledge, both theoretical and practical so that they not only succeed in their certification examination but can go on to use it comfortably in their work environment.

Our Success Story

PST Analytics is all about empowering hopefuls to realize their dream careers. This is reflected in the success of our students and the 100% satisfaction index we have. All of our students have gone to crack their certification courses with flying colors, and this is what we are absolutely proud of! In this post, we are happy to share the success story of one of our students, in his own words, who has not only managed to complete the SAS Certified Base Programmer for SAS 9 exam but also landed a job in an MNC.

“Hi, I am Ananya Agarwal from Delhi, and I recently managed to land a Data Analyst job in a renowned MNC, all thanks to the SAS certification course and training program provided by PST Analytics. This is my story from ground-up!

A Little About My Background

Just like any other Indian teenager, I had to choose between Medicine and Engineering; I chose the latter and was able to get into a fairly good engineering college in CSE. The first three years of engineering were a breeze, and I was an average student and was able to manage a good percentage throughout. Finally, in the final year of engineering, I seriously started looking at the various career choices I had before me. It was then that I stumbled upon the world of data science.

My Motivation

Did you know that Data Scientist was called the “Sexiest Job of the 21st century” by the Harvard Business Review? Well, it really sparked my interest, and I decided that this was the career I wanted – to be a data scientist. Slowly, through a lot of research and a lot of great advice, I decided that I would specialize in SAS. Actually, because of my B. Tech. degree, I was familiar with a little bit of C, assembly language and a bit of JAVA. So, learning the most popular programming language felt the logical next step. Then started the journey of searching for a good institute to get my SAS course from, as I wanted to get done with the certification about the time, I would get my B. Tech. degree.

Search for the best institute

Being a true millennial, my search started online. I came across various institutions in the NCR area, but PST Analytics really struck a chord with me. Their idea that the relationship is not just a one-off thing, but a lifelong commitment was something that impressed me to no end. Then I started asking around and was surprised that so many people were emphatic that I would get the best training from PST Analytics. So, this sort of sealed the deal for me and I decided that I would get my training from this institute. And to this day I am really happy with the decision that I have made as I had nothing but a positive experience here.

My Experience with PST Analytics

My first day at PST Analytics is still fresh in my memory. We were a group of hopefuls, fresh and ready to crack our training and certification. One thing that really surprised me was that it was not just freshers and undergraduates interested in the course. There were also people who were already working in IT taking the SAS certification course and training program from PST Analytics. I was really impressed with the institution since people who were already in the industry preferred this institution to the others.

Once I actually started attending the course, I was so happy to see that they were really serious about teaching people right from the basics and providing us with not just oral lectures but were taking immense care to ensure that we get to know the concepts as thoroughly as to actually program IRL. They really start from the basic level so that people with all levels of understanding, even for those with zero programming knowledge, are able to understand the concepts. One thing that I really liked is that students are provided with interactive classes at the center as well as online material. Even when we missed a particular session, we have the recourse to study the material at home while listening to the recorded lecture. Something I really noticed with the staff and the faculty there was that everyone was so helpful and supportive and the faculty was really experienced and had the knack to help us understand even the toughest of concepts.

Cracking the SAS Certified Base Programmer Exam

On successfully completing my training at PST Analytics, I was really confident that I would be able to crack the SAS Certified Base Programmer Exam. But I wanted to ensure that I would get through at the first attempt and with a good percentage. So, I started preparing for the exam in earnest. I turned to the online community and the various online resources available to help me clear the exam. I prepared three months non-stop for the exam, reading, practicing, and taking various online tests. During this time, I was able to approach my tutors at PST Analytics to clear my doubts regarding various SAS topics and get help with solving some of the tougher questions. Finally, I was able to take the test and crack it in the first attempt. A large part of my success is because of the great training and support the faculty at PST Analytics provided, for which I will forever be thankful! And, I will be coming back to this for my future certifications too.”