The Gateway International Group Education Abroad scholarship will be offered to students in “traditionally underrepresented” backgrounds in international education, and multiple scholarships will be available.

“Knowing first-hand FEA’s stature as both trusted financial steward and international education impact partner, I am confident that our funds are in the right hands and excited by the horizons we will widen for deserving students,” said GIG founder and FEA trustee emeritus Anthony C. Ogden.

“It has been an honour collaborating with FEA to realise the [scholarship],” he added.

Gateway International Group was launched in 2020 to support organisations and institutions to identify “emerging opportunities” in the industry, as well as “leveraging strategic new directions”.

Students will benefit from scholarships ranging from the price of $1,250 to $10,000, and the program is expected to last through 2025.

The priority will go to scholarship applicants who are first-generation college students, as well as college students at Kentucky institutions or those who live in Kentucky – the state which the company’s CEO, Ogden, hails from.

“Knowing first-hand FEA’s stature as both trusted financial steward and international education impact partner, I am confident”

The scholarship will add to the total of 744 scholars who have gone through scholarships with FEA since it started in 2010 – students range from first-gen college students, students of colour and community college students.

Over $2.2 million in scholarships have been granted so far through FEA.

“Gateway International Group advances international learning and engagement daily, helping embolden learners with nuanced understandings of the international dimensions of their fields of study and the intercultural competency needed to live and work successfully in a globally interconnected world,” said FEA board chair Mark Lenhart.

Lenhart also went on to say that the scholarship would have a “lasting impact on the lives” of its recipients, and how grateful they are to GIG for advancing their “vision”.

After adding many different scholarships, including named scholarships like GIG’s, specific donor funded scholarships and destination or demographic specific scholarships, the FEA continues to offer underrepresented students a chance at an international experience.

“FEA is honoured and humbled by this generous gift from the Gateway International Group,” FEA executive director Angela Schaffer added.

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