GISMA granted degree awarding powers

The recognition means the school can now offer bachelors and masters degrees at its two campuses in the region.

“The two locations will add great value to the students’ learning experience”

It can also launch its tertiary education Hochschule, which its says will focus on teaching practice-oriented skills in digital transformation, business, technology and agribusiness.

“This is an incredible achievement for us,” said Stefan Stein, newly-appointed president of GISMA Business School.

“For over 20 years our strong industry roots and international inter-connectedness made GISMA a unique place to study,” he said, adding that becoming a University of Applied Sciences was “the logical next step in our ambition to educate and prepare students from all over the world for the global and regional business community on a high academic level”.

“A digital revolution is evolving out there, faster and faster,” he explained.

“This does not only affect traditional industries, but also our universities. We will now be able to contribute to a new education revolution, offering a multidisciplinary approach reflecting the changes in qualification and competences demand of the outside world.”

The Hochschule locations in Potsdam and Berlin will teach seven English medium instruction programs recognised by the state including a Global MBA, and masters and bachelors in a range of subjects such as International Business Management and Data Science, AI and Digital Business, and more.

The University of Applied Sciences campus in Potsdam is set to open in summer 2021, close to the Innovation Centre of SAP, one of the world’s largest enterprise software companies.

The Berlin location is ready to welcome international and domestic students at its premises on Dessauer Strasse in central Berlin.

“The two locations will add great value to the students’ learning experience,” Stein added.

“In Potsdam they will benefit from the proximity with the SAP Centre and Potsdam’s network of industry leaders, and Berlin is regarded as one of the most dynamic and innovative business hubs in the world.”

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