GoBritanya links with a2 fairs as shareholder

Over the past 19 years, a2 has connected students with more than 900 institutions around the globe, and by joining as shareholders GoBritanya hopes to add strength and value to the brand.

“We’ll aim to make a2 fairs the most innovative and strongest fair company globally”

“We are confident that together we will provide outstanding and continuous improvement to exceed the expectation of our valuable international institutions and transform their marketing efforts into an unforgettable journey with a2,” GoBritanya said in a statement.

The accommodation operator will partner with the three shareholders that joined the student fair company in a bid to strengthen brand and event quality in 2019.

GoBritanya will bring “extra dynamism” to the company, Academix managing director and a2 co-owner Engin Cosar said.

“We would like to give a warm welcome to our newest business partner,” Cosar said.

“GoBritanya has a dynamic team. Their participation in the a2 family will bring extra dynamism and multiculturalism. We’ll aim to make a2 fairs the most innovative and strongest fair company globally.”

Earlier in 2020, GoBritanya expanded with new locations in Brighton and Dublin.

“We plan on making 2020 our year. Our team is expanding, we are working harder than ever to promote our residences and grow our portfolio, and adding Brighton and Dublin into our portfolio seemed only natural,” Oana Ambrus, Operations Manager at GoBritanya said at the time.

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