Greenwood senior conducts medical research


Govind Nair, a senior at Greenwood Laboratory School on the Missouri State University campus, has been doing medical research while in high school.

Govind Nair, a senior at Springfield’s Greenwood Laboratory School, has been involved in medical research while in high school.

His research, conducted alongside seasoned professionals, is focused on finding ways to combat COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy among immigrants and has been accepted for publication.

At Missouri State University, where he has enrolled in courses since his freshman year, he is researching the effects of nanoparticles on a specific type of thyroid cancer.

Separately, the 18-year-old is researching the role of virtual care in treating patients with obesity.

He also has secured a coveted research internship at the MD Anderson Cancer Center run by the University of Texas, despite living hundreds of miles from Houston, where the center is located.

“The special thing about Govind has always been his self-motivation and his self-drive. He has this intrinsic need to want to succeed,” said Jeni Hopkins, the interim assistant director at Greenwood. “A lot of the classes he takes are prepping him for a medical career. He really wants to have that.”


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